Happy Woman

How To Find More Happiness – And Why It’s Critical To Your Success

Want more happiness in your life? Positive emotions not only feel good but are critical to long-term success. That’s because we’re more likely to achieve the things we set out to do when we’re working from a more positive state. This impacts our own lives as well as the lives of everyone we come into contact with, so happiness is no joke – and it can be cultivated. Read on for five strategies for greater happiness today.

reframe a difficult situation

How to Deal With a Difficult Situation

When something happens that we aren’t expecting or that we perceive as bad, our minds naturally want to figure it out, to understand how or why it happened. This reaction is perfectly natural and can help us see the lessons that circumstance can teach us. But sometimes our attempts to dissect a situation have a more negative outcome. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, we can reframe our thinking for a more positive outcome…