Man giving thanks for a beautiful view

5 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude That’ll Motivate You to Give Thanks This Thanksgiving & Beyond

Are you looking for more from your work and your life? That more could be more happiness, more connected and fulfilled relationships, improved health and well-being, even more productivity at work? If so, then there is one practice that has been scientifically proven to support across all of these areas…it’s called gratitude. Read on (or tune in) for 5 scientifically proven ways gratitude benefits you…

Change Woman Walking Through Forest of Fall Leaves

The Secret to Lasting Change

When we’re ready for a change in our lives – whether we want to start a new business, get in shape, or start a new project — we tend to want it right away. But change takes time: we are shifting old habits, creating something new. Taking new actions and creating new habits takes consistent practice before they become second nature. Read on to learn how to make big changes in a way that sticks.

Happy Woman

How To Find More Happiness – And Why It’s Critical To Your Success

Want more happiness in your life? Positive emotions not only feel good but are critical to long-term success. That’s because we’re more likely to achieve the things we set out to do when we’re working from a more positive state. This impacts our own lives as well as the lives of everyone we come into contact with, so happiness is no joke – and it can be cultivated. Read on for five strategies for greater happiness today.

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How to Communicate Your Feelings At Work

The ability to connect with yourself and your emotions is a powerful tool for leading a team. Although our emotional state profoundly influences both the quality of our work and the way we experience our workday, we often aren’t taught how to effectively use or express our emotions. Read on for 3 key ways to leverage what you’re feeling to improve communications and effectiveness at work.

Four Ways to Find More Peace During Challenging Times

Mind the Gap

While it’s important to have goals and ideals, when we constantly measure ourselves by our idea of how things should be, it’s difficult to see or enjoy the very real progress we’ve made. To find out how to create more enjoyment of each day, read on for four ways to enjoy your success more in the moment.

Achieve work life balance

Are You Running Your Business or Is It Running You?

As a business owner or successful professional, the line between your professional life and your private life is easily blurred — or in some cases, may not seem to exist at all. Yet you deserve to truly enjoy your professional success, as well as the benefits of that success. Read on for six ways to ensure work doesn’t take over your life.

Six Ways to Incorporate Play into your life

The Importance of Play

If there was an easy way to lower stress levels, improve your mental functions, and even build confidence, wouldn’t you do it? Play is proven to do all those things and is also a great and a simple way to bring more enjoyment back into your life. Yet most people say that that they have no time for play. Read on for six easy ways to incorporate more play into your life.