Happy Woman

How To Find More Happiness – And Why It’s Critical To Your Success

Want more happiness in your life? Positive emotions not only feel good but are critical to long-term success. That’s because we’re more likely to achieve the things we set out to do when we’re working from a more positive state. This impacts our own lives as well as the lives of everyone we come into contact with, so happiness is no joke – and it can be cultivated. Read on for five strategies for greater happiness today.

take a break to rest and relax

Take a Break This Summer

We tend to be judged by how quickly and how much we can get done, making it hard to cultivate a mindset that supports slowing down. And yet this place of being centered, rested, and relaxed is one that enables us to bring our best into all that we do – while enjoying each day more. Read on for three things I learned from ten days away.