Man giving thanks for a beautiful view

How Feeling More Grateful Can Make You More Successful

Are you missing one key to experiencing more multi-dimensional success, to cultivate lasting results across all of the areas of your life, not only your business or career? Whether your vision includes more fulfilling relationships, improved health, even more productivity at work? If so, then there is one practice that has been scientifically proven to support across all of these areas…

The Importance of Play: Friends having fun riding bicycles in park

How to Play More & Why It’s Key to Your Success

If there was an easy way to lower stress levels, improve your mental function, and even build confidence, wouldn’t you do it? Play is proven to do all those things and is also a great and a simple way to bring more enjoyment back into your life. Yet most people say that that they have no time for play. Read on to learn what studies show about the importance of play plus six easy ways to incorporate more play into your life.

Man Having Difficult Conversation with Colleague

How to Communicate Clearly for More Effective Outcomes

Have you found yourself in a position where you knew you needed to have a difficult conversation but put it off or struggled with how to approach it in an effective way? If this sounds familiar, you won’t want to miss this week’s post showing 3 proven techniques to communicate more clearly so that you have more effective outcomes, get traction on what’s most important and ultimately connect with colleagues and loved ones in a more meaningful and fulfilling way.

Man giving thanks for a beautiful view

5 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude That’ll Motivate You to Give Thanks This Thanksgiving & Beyond

Are you looking for more from your work and your life? That more could be more happiness, more connected and fulfilled relationships, improved health and well-being, even more productivity at work? If so, then there is one practice that has been scientifically proven to support across all of these areas…it’s called gratitude. Read on (or tune in) for 5 scientifically proven ways gratitude benefits you…

Manager Communicating

How to Communicate Your Feelings At Work

The ability to connect with yourself and your emotions is a powerful tool for leading a team. Although our emotional state profoundly influences both the quality of our work and the way we experience our workday, we often aren’t taught how to effectively use or express our emotions. Read on for 3 key ways to leverage what you’re feeling to improve communications and effectiveness at work.

reframe a difficult situation

How to Deal With a Difficult Situation

When something happens that we aren’t expecting or that we perceive as bad, our minds naturally want to figure it out, to understand how or why it happened. This reaction is perfectly natural and can help us see the lessons that circumstance can teach us. But sometimes our attempts to dissect a situation have a more negative outcome. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, we can reframe our thinking for a more positive outcome…