Six Ways to Incorporate Play into your life

The Importance of Play

If there was an easy way to lower stress levels, improve your mental functions, and even build confidence, wouldn’t you do it? Play is proven to do all those things and is also a great and a simple way to bring more enjoyment back into your life. Yet most people say that that they have no time for play. Read on for six easy ways to incorporate more play into your life.

take a break to rest and relax

Take a Break This Summer

We tend to be judged by how quickly and how much we can get done, making it hard to cultivate a mindset that supports slowing down. And yet this place of being centered, rested, and relaxed is one that enables us to bring our best into all that we do – while enjoying each day more. Read on for three things I learned from ten days away.

Clear Your Mind's Clutter

Clear Your Mind to Focus on What’s Most Important

Is it time to clean out your mental closet? Is your emotional sock drawer overflowing? While physical clutter is easy to identify, mental or emotional clutter can be harder to manage. Read on for 5 steps to clear your mental and emotional clutter. Take just 10 minutes for yourself so you can restore order for better focus and more enjoyment this spring.

Be steady and structured

Make This Your Best Year Yet: Part Three

If you read last week’s post, you’ll know that I am doing something a little different this month. This is because I want you to succeed in achieving what’s most important to you this year! Read on for step three – how to take appropriate action and when to adjust course – in a five-part approach to achieving your goals with more success and less struggle this year.